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How to measure your films

Please measure the length of the film

reel size
reel size metre feet approximate recording time
7cm(3inch) 23m 75ft 3~5min
10cm(4inch) 45m 150ft 10min
13cm(5inch) 90m 300ft 20min
16cm(6inch) 120m 400ft 30min
18cm(7inch) 180m 600ft 40min
Note:If your reel size 4 but the film is rolled actually only size 3, please calculate it as size 3.

※7inch or more bigger reels, please contact us.

■8mm = Single8, Super8, Regular8
(We currently only support 8mm film, 16mm is not yet available)

- Identifying your film type -

Super8, Single8 = these both have smaller spool holes than Regular8, with the hole being in the middle of the frame


Regular8 = Large spool holes, with the hole being in between each frame


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