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Put your memories onto high quality DVD!

Are you thinking about transferring your old 8mm films to digital data or DVD? Our 8mm film transfer centre offers you professional telecine technique, using High Definition camera to capture your imagery frame by frame. We use top quality digital technology, rather than the old transfer method of projection recording. This is the best way to transfer film to digital.
HD telecine will bring out the quality of your 8mm film imagery. We are proud to recommend it to you.

Try our service today, we look forward to returning your memories to you!

Please see the beautiful 8mm film image captured by High-Difinition telecine camera.

The beautiful of HD is it can display 4 times the detail of the standard 3CCD.
We recommend this method to get the full amount of information that is stored in the original 8mm film.
If you prreferred, we can prodeuce standard 3CCD.

6 reasons to chose Digital-Write

1.Overwhelming difference in image quality

Our frame-by-frame telecine means your transfers are guaranteed to be 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from edge to edge.
The sprocket-less drive system ensures no film damage to your precious home movie films.

2.Internet ordering
Click here for order form

Our professional staff are available to help
3.Degraded film conversions

We have the technology to repair most problems, and offer this service to customers free of charge.
4.Free image editing

Old video restored to as new condition. Faded imagery can be restored and sharpened to provide clean crisp footage ready for your DVD or data.

5.Reasonable pricing
We offer competitive pricing, and high quality results.
6.We offer a variety of solutions for your memories
Capture by 3CCD or HD, and delivery by DVD or data files

High Definition (HD)

This is the best possible quality.
you will notice the films natural beauty,
and an overwhelming difference in image quality.


This is the most reasonable way to capture.
It is recommended in the customer who wants to give priority to the charges more than the image qualities. The digitalization high speed taking a image frame by frame with 3CCD element.

We offer 3 kinds of delivery method

DVD delivery

Compatible with most home dvd players, however please be aware that some DVD players will not accept a disc that has been burned on a computer.

Notice for HD footage in the DVD.
1. A DVD cannot display full HD - To see the absolute best quality, data delivery is recommended. However, a DVD will still show very good quality.
2. We currently only support DVD or data, Blu-ray Disc is not yet available

Data delivery

This is the best option if you wish to edit the files yourself, and you can download the data directly from us via the internet.
Please note, if you choose HD telecine, the converted data file will be quite big, so you will need to have a good broadband connection, and sufficient storage space.
Delivery codec and image sizes
HD course & Full size data delivery H.264 (AVI/MOV) Resulting image output scale 16:9 1920x1080 pix.
HD course & data delivery H.264 (AVI/MOV) Resulting image output scale 16:9 720x480 pix.
3CCD course & data delivery DV (AVI/MOV) Resulting image output scale 4:3 640x480 pix.

USB hard disk delivery course

This is the best option if your converted data is too big to download.

you mail us your portable hard disk when you send us your films. We will upload your file to the drive, and send it back together with your original films.

■From order to delivery

Click here for order form
(Email us at anytime if you have questions)

※Please choose standard telecine (SD) or high definition telecine when you ordering
2.Mail your films to our office.
For safety, we recommend only using shipping companies that offer a tracking service - EMS, Fedex etc.

Mail to:

8mm transfer center,
Tachibana bldg, 2F, 2-16-10, Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0052, JAPAN
3.Film Inspection
We inspect your films and give you a quote.
*if you order via internet order form, we will start to capture the films as soon as they arrive.  
4.Telecine transfer
Our professional staff constantly monitor the state of the transfer. We are able to successfully capture above 99.9% of film.
5.Delivery to you
We pack up converted DVD (or hard disk with converted data) and your films, and mail to you by EMS.
We will inform you before posting.

OR, if you opt for delivery by data download, we will mail back your film by EMS
(once you confirm you have all data successfully).


Tachibana Bldg.2F,2-16-10 Yutenji, Meguro-ku TOKYO JAPAN
tel : +81-3-5724-5630 (english support 10:00am-18:00pm japan time )

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